A Note from Janice

I love the old saying, 'April showers bring May flowers,' because I enjoy thinking of flowers as blessings. We have so very many blessins to be thankful for. Have you looked around lately, we are growing. We have several new families joining us in our fellowship.

We are now doing our newsletter bimonthly and these next two months are full of blessings. Starting with the first Sunday in May being Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day. This may not give you a lot of time to plan something special for your class. I hope you take some time this month to let your teacher know how much he/she is appreciated; a card, a flower, a hug, box of chocolates, balloons, a special word of thanks. Our church body is blessed with devoted teachers who spend a great deal of time studying, preparing, and praying for their classes each week. I pray that each of you are a member of a class, you are enjoying one of these teachers and will be thinking of some way to let them know they are appreciated.

The first Thursday in May, the seventh, is our National Day of Prayer. We are admonished to, "Pray without ceasing," I Thessalonians 5:17. As believers, we should be in constant prayer for; ourselves, our Nation and our world. And thanking Him for our blessings.

In May (10th), we set aside a special day to show our appreciation for our Mothers. A godly mother is a true blessing. God created the first family on day six and then uses the concept of family throughout scripture to help us understand our relationship with Him and each other.

The third Sunday in June (21st), we honor our fathers, the head of the family. Over and over in scripture God refers to Himself as our Father and we, through Christ Jesus, are His children. In Scripture, He is given the characteristics of a father; protecting, providing, nurturing, teaching, disciplining, and loving. I pray that each of our dads are mindful that their farther-child relationship helps their children in understanding and developing a relationship with their Heavenly Father. A responsibility not to be taken lightly.

May the 24th is a very special birthday. It is our birthday, we are almost 2,000 years old. It is the Feast of Pentecost. It happens to fall on Memorial Day week-end. Reminding us freedom is not free. Freedom from sin and condemnation was not free either. It was paid with a great price, "with the precious blood of Christ," I Peter 1:18-19.

Our Vacation Bible School is June 22-26. The children love it. It is like Sunday School in concentrate, laced together with fun. There is always room for another helper. Come and join us. You will be blessed while the Lord uses you to bless others.

During these months please, take time to count your blessings. Angels will attend.

If you have any questions about our Sunday School classes please feel free to contact me.

Love In Christ,

Dr. Janice Luellen

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