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The season are quickly changing and we are finding ourselves bundling up and watch squirrels work feverishly to get ready for winter. We are excited for the holidays and are hearing lots of stories of early Thanksgiving and learning to work with our neighbors and to be very brave when looking for new adventures. Mr. Donald generously bought us a turkey, and we are going to have an authentic early Thanksgiving dinner. We are looking forward to spending days with our families and loved ones! Christmas is just around the corner and we are in full swing of the holiday spirit. We will have our annual Christmas program on December 3rd, and we are excited to singing songs about the Baby Jesus and the fun times of December. We are conducting a Christmas workshop where different folks of the community are coming together to help the children create gifts, decorate cookies and make their own gift wrap. We will be learning about Christmas around the World and we will find ways to celebrate with our families. In January, we will be learning about animal hibernation and winter sports! Wow! We are going to be busy!

We want to say Merry Christmas and blessing in the New Year! Thank you all for the support of the Preschool! It is a blessing to be part of this life giving ministry!

Susan Butler

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