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There's a lot of love at the preschool this month. We love Valentine's Day! We love showing kindness and love to our friends! Miss Yvonne continues with our Bible stories each and everyday. Sometimes , she wears a special robe and acts it out. She is a treasure! We will also learn about the Great Groundhog , Punxsutawney Phil. We are sure hoping for a quick spring! We will also learn about dental health. Phew! We are busy! March will likely march right in like a lion and hopefully breeze out like a lamb. We will wear green and learn about St Patrick, then if we are very lucky, there might be some gold to be found on the playground . We look forward to learning about Easter, and how Jesus loves us, very much. We will hear about the sad day and the happy day. We will learn about the angel on the rock, and hear about what he had to say.

Easter will be a wonderful day to celebrate.

Wishing all a wonderful Spring and Happy Easter!

Ms. Susie

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