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A fourth of the year is spent. My how time flies, especially when you are having fun. I pray you are having fun not only in Sunday School, because of what you are learning and the warm fellowship, but the other six days of your week are also filled with the peace, joy, and calm assurance only our Lord and Savior can give. The goal of our Sunday School is to help each other grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and then encourage and support each other to act in that knowledge and grace. I pray this process is taking place in your life. Sunday School begins each Sunday morning at 9:15. We would love to see you.

Since 1952, the first Thursday in May has traditionally been recognized as our country's National Day of Prayer. Our Nation and world are in great need of prayer. I'm praying you will be lifting up this Nation to the Lord in Prayer on May the fifth, and will continue to do so each day. On March 15, Franklin Graham hosted a prayer meeting on our state capitol grounds. It was encouraging to see so many fellow Colorado believers joining together in prayer for our state and the voting that will be taking place this year.

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day is the third Sunday in May, on the 15th, the Sunday after Mother's Day. I do hope you take some time this month to let your teacher know how much he/she is appreciated; a card, a flower, a hug, a box of chocolates, balloons, a special word of thanks. Our church body is blessed with devoted teachers who spend a great deal of time studying, preparing, and praying for their classes each week. I pray that each of you are a member of a class, that you are enjoying one of these teachers and will be thinking of some way to let them know they are appreciated.

May ends with Memorial Day, honoring our fallen. Remember freedom is not free. It must be fought for and then diligently guarded. There must be watchmen for each generation, Ezekiel 33:6-7.

We are still in need of two teachers for adult classes. Please pray with me for whom the Lord has chosen for these positions. After prayerful consideration, if you are interested please give me a call at 650-0558 so we can discuss these opportunities. You may also reach me through the Church Office at 635-5811.

If you have any questions about our Sunday School Classes, please feel free to contact me.

Love In Christ,

Dr. Janice Luellen

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