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Timothy C. Hopkins

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Hello and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Timothy Hopkins, and I am the pastor at PVBC.  I started here in January of 2021 not looking to become a pastor necessarily.  I am bi-vocational, my other job being a Hospice Chaplain.  After all my years of schooling, undergrad from Dallas Baptist University and master’s degree from New Geneva Theological Seminary, I can say that working in Hospice and being by the side of those facing the end of their lives has helped me to become a pastor in ways school cannot.  The University taught me how to think logically and in depth, Hospice has shown me how to put it into practice.  

My wife, Sarah, and I have been married since our early twenties and we have two kids Adrial and Noah.  We grew up with kids and it was not always easy, but we have cherished them since the Lord gave them to us.  They are both in Tennessee, my daughter is married to a soldier and my son is beginning his career as a Police Officer.  We moved to Tennessee a few years ago for a short time to support our daughter as she had our first grandson while her husband deployed.  While there, our son met his future wife and he stayed in Tennessee when we moved back to Colorado.

I went to college in my early 20's when the Lord opened my eyes and called me to Himself.  I had lost my father a few years before and was searching for meaning.  I picked up a Bible I had from when I was a kid and read it.  I read the New Testament and then the Old Testament and found the meaning and purpose I had been searching for.  God reveals Himself in His word and once I read and began to understand this, my life was changed forever.  No one can stay the same if they have truly encountered the living God.  

I finished my undergrad in Christian Ministries at Dallas Baptist, and we moved to Colorado.  I always knew that I wanted to live here and after graduation we had the opportunity to move. It was difficult and after a few failed attempts at dysfunctional churches I joined the Army at 31.  I was an old man by Army standards and served four years.  My job was Psychological Operations and that took me to Afghanistan to serve alongside the Marines in Marjah in Helmand Province.  

After returning home from Afghanistan, I was trying to figure out what the Lord called me to do.  I attended school a few different times studying Economics, Natural Resources, to name a few, but they did not fulfill the greater desire I had to be used by Christ.

Before joining the military, I had taken a few classes at New Geneva Theological Seminary but when I joined the military, I had stopped taking classes.  God was calling me back to school and I returned to New Geneva and finished my master’s degree.  Being back in the word of God and studying was where God wanted me.  

Even though I had some bad experiences with churches in my younger years I never turned away from God. I struggled with why I did not get a good mentor to bring me along, but I found that I would be mentored by the Lord and that was all I needed.  God has given us His word to know Him and honor Him. He has given us great men of the faith that have come before us to help us.  The Lord has chosen the folly of preaching to reach a lost world (I Cor 1:21) and He has called me to this task. 

Our church is not perfect, and we are beginning to re-establish ourselves.  We invite you to join us as we seek to honor God in the teaching, preaching, and praising of our God in Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for a church and have struggled to find a church home, I understand and have been there.  We desire to be a church that welcomes you and will walk beside you as we all grow in Christ.  If you desire to know God and love His Word, please join us as we establish ourselves in Christ.